Parents, educators, administrators and first responders are excited about Active Defender!

Ms. Rayona Cash

"Before Active-Defender there was no easy way to communicate emergencies. But since Active-Defender, it's just the push of a button." 

Administrative Assistant, Carthage Elementary School, NC 

Dr. Seth Powers

"The important thing to me is that it will be on every staff member's phone; they're always going to have that wherever they are."
"If something happens they can hit that button and it's going to immediately alert everybody else that's connected to that campus"

Director for Student
Support Services, Moore County Schools, NC

"Active defender is a program that we implemented into our school to make sure that our teachers had the ability to act within seconds of emergencies. We have many measures in place to make sure our staff and students are safe but nothing can alert everyone as quick as a push of a button. This has changed the way that we look at our security and will continue to improve our response times. All teachers and parents should look into this program because seconds really do count! We thank Active Defender for their support and amazing program!"

Bruce Weeks

Head of Security

Academy Charter School

"Active Defender is a tremendous tool for improving school safety. The ability for any staff member to initiate an alert from anywhere on campus and immediately notify all or appropriate staff members and first responders of a crisis situation adds an unprecedented layer of communication and safety in our schools. Seconds, not minutes, matter when an active assailant targets a school and Active Defender ensures quicker notification and response times that will save lives. The app is absolutely making our school's safer for students and staff members.”

Dr. Powers

Director of Student Services

Moore County, NC

Active-Defender was adopted by all 23 schools in the Moore County School District

Active Defender can help protect your campus, too!

Active Defender

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495 Campbell Road, Carthage, NC 28327

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