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What are Lockdown Drills?

Many schools across the nation perform lockdown drills every day.

When schools go into lockdown mode, all staff, all students, all personnel and all visitors go to a room. Then they lock the doors and windows and wait.

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Announcing the Drill

The announcement of a lockdown drill is usually made via the public address system. That is, if someone is in the same room as the PA system and has the presence of mind to use it. If you had Active Defender, you could just pick up a phone and notify everyone of the drill.

First Responders

In the face of an actual emergency what is the one thing, aside from loved ones, kids, mates and pets that most people reach for first? It’s our smart phones! With the Active Defender System installed on each and every staff member’s phone, communication can carry on even if the PA system is compromised. Information in an emergency situation is a valuable commodity and that is the one thing Active Defender can do for you.

Stay on Top of Information

Your staff can communicate vital information during an emergency in secret, keeping the intruder in the dark. Circle the wagons folks; relay the most up to date information to each other and to the authorities. Keep them aware of the intruder’s movements and location at all times. Outsmart the bad guys. Take vital seconds off response time. Keep everyone safe. Communicate via Active Defender and that’s what happens.

Why Speed Helps

Too many emergency calls become disasters because response time is not fast enough. Responses go to the wrong location on campus, wrong entrance to the building; wrong building all together and these wrong responses sometimes end in death. Either for your first responders, the intruders or the innocents caught in the cross-fire.

Fast Response Saves Lives

Remember, you are the first responders, teachers, administrators and school workers. You are all the first responders for these children entrusted to your care. The police, fireman, EMTs are your first responders. Get them the most valuable information, the fastest way possible. Relay locations for people in hiding during lockdown drills and/or emergencies. Relay locations for intruders. Relay the status for all in your care. Active Defender makes this possible in the most efficient way possible.


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