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As the Adult in Charge during a Lockdown, Kids Look for Support

As an adult in charge during a drill or an emergency remaining calm is the key.

Remember what a lockdown is. Read all about lockdown drills and emergencies here: ( Lockdown Blog Link ) Exhibiting control over the situation in your words and actions helps children remain calm.

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Here are some techniques to help you remain calm:

Practice breathing, breathe in, count 4 and breathe out. Here is a breathing technique: https://www.anxieties.com/57/panic-step4#.W_CTCOhKjIU

Tell yourself what to do in your head before verbalizing.Speak commands to children quietly and calmly.

Reassure he children with comforting words and actions. - Compliment good behavior and keeping quiet. - Say things like “Good job keeping quiet.” - Always speak with positivity and hope. Say things like, “Help is coming.”

Offer reassurance. - Say things like:“I’ll protect you.” “I’m here with you.”

If the wait for rescue is longer than expected, ask the kids to imagine something positive. Help them visualize by describing a pleasing scene.

Project a reassuring demeanor. Smile - Give them the thumbs up. - Keep them quiet making the shush sound with your fingers to lips.

As the adult in charge, the teacher and leader of your group, follow the lockdown procedures outlined by your school. For most schools, the following steps are commonplace.

Check hallways for students milling about.

Lock doors.

Secure blinds and windows.

Turn off lights and computer monitors.

Direct your students to a safe place.

Remind kids of the lockdown training. (Link to Kids Lockdown Drills post here)

Silence cell phones and watch for Active Defender alerts.

Use your school’s protocol to communicate that you and your students are safe via Active Defender.

All Clear

Wait for an “All Clear” message via Active Defender before even thinking about letting anyone out! Waiting for the message of “All Clear” via Active Defender is important because:

Police do not need you to open doors for them. They can get in without your help.

An intruder may take over the PA system in an attempt to get you to come out of hiding.

If no signal is given, sit tight and wait.

Learning to remain calm in the face of adversity is something that we all need to practice. The adult in charge, that’s you, has to lead the way and only when you are calm can you take command and lead others out of harm’s way.

Finally, once the signal comes, take a breath. You’ve made it through and kept your charges safe. Active Defender helped you keep your calm, talk to colleagues and stay in touch with authorities. As the adult in charge you’ve passed the test.


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