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Read on to see how Active Defender is revolutionizing emergency response.


When a dangerous threat presents itself, every second counts. Active Defender allows your staff to instantly alert authorities and each other of the nature of the threat and its exact location.


Active Defender is the only app to allow teachers and staff to pinpoint the exact location of a critical situation.  Whether they see the cancern outside of their window or specifically located inside a multi-story building, the exact location can be instantly transmitted.


Active Defender is able to broadcast an alert to all the users associated with the campus. This notification can identify the type and location of the alert.


Upon the triggering of an alert, a channel of communication is immediately opened and critical data is relayed to responders and affected parties.



Designed with the future in mind, additional modules can be added to expand functionality and facilitate even higher levels of critical data sharing in real time.

Key Features​

Active Defender is more than just an emergency alert system. Active Defender is a life-saving tool that will allow your facility to react to emergency situations faster and with greater accuracy than ever before. A simple touch of a button or click of a mouse alerts the teachers and the appropriate personnel on the nature of a threat as well as its precise location. A channel of communication is instantly established with affected parties and critical data is quickly shared with first responders.  Whether the emergency is caused by a fire, an intruder, or if it is medical in nature, Active Defender gives your team the ability to quickly form and execute a calculated response.

Shortest Possible Response Time: When a dangerous threat presents itself, every second counts. Active Defender allows your staff to instantly alert authorities and each other of a threat to campus safety.

Threat Assessment: Active Defender is designed for teachers and other staff to be able to quickly report the nature of a threat, even in situations where panic could likely set in. With its highly optimized user interface, critical data regarding the nature of a threat can be shared instantly- even in situations where placing a phone call or sending a text message would not be feasible. Every second counts!


Quickly Pinpoint The Threat: Each campus utilizing Active Defender is mapped out in detail. In the event of an emergency, data regarding its precise location is collected and plotted on a map of the school. This information is instantly shared with appropriate members of campus staff and authorities.


Critical Information Shared in Real Time: Upon the triggering of an alert, a channel of communication is immediately opened between the affected parties, your internal response staff, and authorities. The precise location of the threat is relayed along with critical details about the nature of the threat.


Scalability: Active Defender is designed with the future in mind. Additional modules such as real-time audio and video transmission can be added to your protection package, giving your facility an impressive arsenal with which to deal with emergency situations. 

Active Defender is built to dramatically maximize campus safety, providing a more secure environment for our loved ones.

Active Defender

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