Whether it's a fight, a fire, an active shooter or a medical emergency, time is of the essence. Active Defender equips your facility with cutting edge technology designed to streamline the collection and distribution of critical emergency data.

ACTIVE DEFENDER arms teachers to rescue students from tragedy. During life threatening situations, our tool instantly shows the precise nature and location of the threat to all affected faculty as well as first responders. Our goal is faster, more coordinated responses.

Geo-Referenced Campus Maps

A custom map is created for your campus, which accommodates multi-level floor plans. This feature allows your staff to quickly and precisely report the exact location of an event.

Shared Awareness

With just a touch, all affected users are alerted of an event. This can include faculty, SROs and even first responders. Active Defender also allows users to report an event via SMS message to outside parties

Camera Integration

Users can snap a photo of an event from within the app and report it while referencing the location of the subject and not just the location where they took the picture.

Accelerated Communication

Active Defender’s configurable quick-chat feature prompts users for important details that can be sent with just a touch, without any typing. This allows important information to be relayed quickly, even in the midst of a crisis.

Monitor Multiple Campuses

If an alert comes in from a specific campus, then the proper campus and floor level map is displayed. This is the feature that allows police stations and a schools central office to monitor multiple schools simultaneously.

Instant Status Reporting

Users can easily report their status as “Green” (I’m Okay) or “Red” (I need help). This feature was developed specifically for use in the event of an active shooter or fire emergency scenario.