"Collecting Daily Health Reports is now simple, straight forward, and allows for permanent digital record keeping"

ACTIVE ALERT allows any school or business to receive and track daily health reports. Works for parents reporting. Works for school bus drivers or nurse recording and reporting. You can also set it for staff self-reporting.

Stay Connected

Daily Health Status

Multiple Students

Pass/Fail Alert

QR Code Capability

Stored Health Reports

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Daily Health Reporting

Active Alert Survey simplifies the daily health reporting of each student with temperature check input and validating a list of  health questions.

Important Notification Alerts

Send important notifications to be viewed on the Active Alert app or a  weblink portal. When you need to alert your parents Active Alert can be used as a notification app to stay connected with parents and staff.

Instant Validation of Student Admission

Instantly validate if a student is able to attend school that day. When a parent/student submits the health report they will receive a positive or negative notification on attending school that day.

Multiple Reporting

Each School can choose who can report: Parents, Bus Drivers, Staff, etc.  Active Alert can be used on an iPhone, Android phone or even a weblink so parents or school staff can report a student's daily health report.

Pre-Selected or Custom Questions

The Active Alert command module is part of Active Defender as a PC or MAC application. Administrators can choose from a list of ready-made questions or create their own.

QR Code Creation Module

The Active Alert module comes with a QR code generator that prints out individual student cards. When a staff member opens up the Active Alert app they will be able to use their phone to scan a students QR code. This will validate if a health report has been done that day.

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