The Growing Epidemic

We are all deeply troubled by the epidemic of school violence. Educators especially find themselves increasingly concerned for the safety of students and faculty.

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We arm teachers to rescue students from tragedy. During life threatening situations, our tool instantly shows the precise nature and location of the threat to all affected faculty as well as first responders. Our goal is faster, more coordinated responses.

See it in action

This brief video will show you how Active Defender can make your campus a safer place.
An integrated security tool for schools


★  Instant Situational Awareness

★  Immediate Notification Alerts

★  Sent To Teachers & First Responders

★  Know What Is Happening and Where!

Whether it's a fight, a fire, an active shooter or a medical emergency, time is of the essence. Active Defender equips your facility with cutting edge technology designed to streamline the collection and distribution of critical emergency data.


Our streamlined app empowers your staff with the ability to instantly report a crisis situation and mark its location as well as the nature of it. Help will be immediately notified and they will know exactly where to go and how to help.

Teachers will now know the nature and location of the problem so they can know they are leading their children toward safety.  Imagine being a teacher and hearing the alerts but not actually knowing what direction leads to safety?


Knowledge is power! 

Save seconds and save lives.

3 Easy Steps

It's easy to get started with Active Defender!


INSTALL - We install Active Defender on your devices; at your request we implement it with your local emergency services.


INSTRUCT - We get your staff up to speed on how to use our simple, streamlined app.


ENJOY! - Have the peace of mind that comes with improved campus security.

"I never knew if I was leading the children towards the danger..."

"Before having this, everytime there was a fire drill I never knew if I was leading the children towards the danger or away from the danger. But today, with active-defender I got an alert that showed me where the fire was and I lead my class down the hall and away from the location of the fire!"

About our company

 For over 23 years Boyte Enterprises has created cutting edge solutions to complex problems...

Active Defender

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