Imagine an alarm sounds.

How would your
staff answer these
3 statements?

Pinpoint the exact location of the emergency
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1) I know what the threat is.

(Fire, Shooter or Tornado)

2) I instantly know where the threat is … in relation to me.


3) I can simply communicate my safety status (OK/Help) with all the facility leadership and first responders.

 Active Defender ensures your employees can answer Yes all the time.

What Separates

Active Defender

From the Rest?

  • Geo-Referenced Campus Maps
  • Shared Awareness
  • Camera Integration
  • Accelerated Communication
  • Monitor Multiple Campuses
  • Instant Status Reporting
  • Law Enforcement Integration & Universal Login
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"The important thing to me is that it will be on every staff member's phone; they're always going to have that wherever they are."
"If something happens they can hit that button and it's going to immediately alert everybody else that's connected to that campus"

An integrated security tool for schools

★  Instant Situational Awareness

★  Immediate Notification Alerts

★  Sent To Teachers & First Responders

★  Know What Is Happening and Where!

Whether it's a fight, a fire, an active shooter or a medical emergency, time is of the essence. Active Defender equips your facility with cutting edge technology designed to streamline the collection and distribution of critical emergency data.


Our streamlined app empowers your staff with the ability to instantly report a crisis situation and mark its location as well as the nature of it. Help will be immediately notified and they will know exactly where to go and how to help.

Teachers will now know the nature and location of the problem so they can know they are leading their children toward safety.  Imagine being a teacher and hearing the alerts but not actually knowing what direction leads to safety?

Dr. Seth Powers

Director for Student
Support Services, Moore County Schools, NC

Knowledge is power! 

Save seconds and save lives.